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Golan Heights tours

Routs across the Golan Heights: Nimrod Fortress, Mount Hermon, ancient Katzrin, healing spring Hamat Gader.

The Golan Heights is a basaltic volcanogenic plateau located on the northeast of Israel. The plateau has an average altitude of 1 000 meters. The plateau ends abruptly on the west in the direction of Kinneret and Syro-African Depression.

The major part of the Golan plateau is located in Syria. Israeli part of the Golan Heights was occupied by Israel in 1967 during Six-day war as the reaction on sustained shelling of Israeli territory by the Syrians. The Golan Heights is disputed territory between Israel and Syria.

Хамат Гадер

Хамат Гадер

The agricultural industry is well developed on the Golan Heights. There are many of fruit gardens, viticulture and wine production succeeded here. Fairytale beauty of the Golan Heights as well as historical landmarks and memories of comparably recent Six-day war undoubtedly will be of your interest. You will visit legendary Nimrod fortress and the cave where Pan, an ancient god, dwelt in; ancient Katzrin; bath in Hamat Gader healing springs and climb Mount Hermon, the highest mountain of Israel.

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