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Galilee tours

Tours of Galilee: Lake of Kinneret, Christian holy sites and historic spots on its coast, Jordan river, Nazareth, Safed and a lot more.

Northwestern part of Israel is called Galilee. We advise to travel there both for nature enthusiasts and for the ones who are into the Jewish history as well as for the ones who appreciate Christian holy sites. Here you can bath in the holy waters of the Jordan river, taste wine in Cana, climb the Mount of Beatitudes, sail over the waters of Lake of Kinneret on a boat, visit sacred Nazareth and Safed (the centre of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah).

The Sea of Galilee - Lake of Kinneret

Lake Tiberias (commonly known as the Sea of Galilee) in modern Israel is called Lake of Kinneret. It is situated in the area of Syro-African Depression. Several rivers (including Jordan river) flowing from north and heading from Golan Heights feed Lake of Kinneret; the Jordan river flows through the lake from north to south and flows out in its Sothern part. Lake of Kinneret is the main source of water for the National Water Carrier of Israel.

Jesus chose among fishermen and recruited fist His apostles from the shores of the Lake Galilee. Many of His miracles occurred here and He appeared here to the apostles after His resurrection. Capernaum (Kfar Hanum), a town where Jesus Christ lived and preached, is located on the northern shore of the lake. You can visit here Franciscan St. Peter's Church and Roman Catholic chapel at Mount of Beatitudes, at the site where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. You will visit Tabgha (where Jesus made His miracle of multiplication of the loaves and fish) as well as Magdala (at the site of Russian Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission in Magdala) where Jesus exorcised Saint and Equal-to-apostles Mary Magdalene of demons. Yardenit, a baptism site, is located along the exit of holy Jordan River from Lake Tiberias.


Yardenit – the site of the baptism of Jesus

The site called Yardenit is located at the very exit of the Jordan river from Lake of Kinneret. John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan river. The waters of the Jordan river are believed to be healing ones. They are not only heal the body, but spiritualize as well. Millions of pilgrims are bathing in this backwater. Nevertheless the situation around here is always quiet and exalted. Yardenit is fully equipped for bathing. Pilgrims having put on special robes offer prayers and repeat solemn rite of baptism in the waters of the Jordan river.

Cana of Galilee

Wedding Church at Cana in commemoration of the first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. Legend has it that Wedding Church at Cana was built on the site of this Biblical event; it is located in Arab town of Kafr Kanna. Here you can admire gorgeous interior of the church with icons representing first miracle of the Saviour and see an ancient stone vessel served for water storage.


Biblical Nazareth is located in high-mountain valley of Galilee mountains. Earlier reference to Nazareth is dated as of 135 CE. Childhood of Jesus and main part of the Holy Family life was spent here. Christians settled in the city after 1099 and crusaders made Nazareth the capital of Principality of Galilee. Muslim conquered the city and completely destroyed it in 13 century CE. Nazareth was uninhabited till 1620 when Franciscan monks settled here and built churches and monasteries. Numerous pilgrims come to worship holy sites referring to the name of Jesus Christ. There is Basilica of the Annunciation located on the site where house of the Holy Family used to be. Having passed through Arab market you will get in the territory of Greek Catholics and will be able to visit the Synagogue Church where Jesus preached. Among other interesting sites of Nazareth we advise to not overlook a catacomb church where early Christians hid for persecutions of the Roman Empire.


Tzippori National Park

Tzippori, one of the best national archeological parks, is located in 6 km from Nazareth. You can explore here the remains of a giant Roman theater, funeral caves and ruins of Crusader fortress as well as famous mosaic known as “Mona Lisa of the Galilee”. Giant water system built in 1st century CE astonishes by its size and engineering art.



Назарет, Церковь Благовещения

Nazareth, Basilica of the Annunciation 

Озеро Кинерет

Lake of Kinneret

Кана Галилейская

Cana of Galilee

Ярденит - центр крещения

Yardenit, a baptism site




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