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Dead Sea tours

Tour of the Dead Sea and surroundings

Masada fortress, archeological park Qumran, Ein Gedi nature reserve, visit the Dead Sea cosmetics factory and a lot more.

The Dead Sea was formed more than 2 million years ago and is located 400 m below mean sea level. This place has the highest atmospheric pressure across the globe and the highest oxygen content. Concentration of salts in the Dead Sea is 30% and that is why there is almost no aquatic life and it is almost impossible to get drowned there. This sea is not called “Dead” in Israel, but in Hebrew it means “Sea of salt”. There are many healing springs, healing mud, cosmetological and therapeutic centers alongshore the Dead Sea, which are globally famous thanks to miraculous healing qualities.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Strangely enough, things have been always humming around this the lowest and the most salty piece of water in the world. You can see it for yourself and visit oasis Ein Gedi. Gross vegetation and crystal waterfalls are located side by side with stark landscape of the cliffs. Four springs flow in the nature reserve Ein Gedi: David, Agurot, Shulamit and Ein Gedi. The reserve is wealthy in its flora and fauna which present a contrast to the desert which surrounds the oasis. Nature reserve Ein Gedi is home to Nubian ibices, wolves, red foxes, Blanford's foxes, striped hyenas as well as leopards listed in Red Book. Medicinal plants growing in Ein Gedi are known from ancient times.

Masada fortress

There is one more place on the Dead Sea coast which is worth visiting for tourists and where soldiers of Israel Defense Forces swear in. Masada is the legendary fortress built by Herod the Great, it is the symbol of Jewish heroism during the revolt against the Roman Empire in 1st century CE. Masada fortress is situated on top of an isolated rock in Judean Desert, 400 meters above the Dead Sea level.

Masada is not only the fortress, but it is a spacious king’s palace. There are bath house and pools for lavations in the fortress as well as 29 big pantries, each of 27 meters length. Archeologists found hundreds of ceramic pots to keep vast quantities of food. A unique and well designed water system was built in Masada 2000 years ago.

Masada became the symbol of heroism of Jewish people. When Masada was surrounded by Romans its defenders committed mass suicide in order to not be enslaved.

National Park Qumran

Qumran, the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls (Qumran Caves Scrolls) were found (and this is the most important archaeological finding of mankind), is located at the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. The excavations of central complex of Qumran community (water system and the caves where the famous Scrolls were hidden) are presented in the archeological park. The importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls is not only in the authentication of the Old Testament texts, but in perception of the origin of many Christian ideas and texts (the Apocalypse of John) as well as in the miraculous prophesy of the Essenes that the Temple and Jerusalem to be destroyed and that the Scrolls to be found 2000 years later when new Jewish state to appear on this land again.

Swimming in the Dead Sea

Miraculous waters of the Dead Sea were known in the times of Cleopatra queen, and she definitely knew the ropes! At Ein Bokek beach you may swim in waters which film your body like a magic balm, make a mud mask with minerals of the Dead Sea and have a good tan.

Visit Ahava cosmetic factory

If you wish to have different beauty creams, muds, peel-off jellies, facial and body masks then Avava, a factory producing Dead Sea cosmetics, is at your disposal. During the excursion at Ahava factory you will explore the process how unique Dead Sea cosmetic formulations are created. Natural cosmetics by Ahava made of muds and minerals became globally famous.

Мёртвое море, отели

Dead Sea, hotels

заповедник Эйн Геди

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Крепость Массада

Masada fortress

Парк археологии Кумран

Qumran archeological park


Заповедник Эйн-Геди


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